Vladimíra Burianová
Member of the Union of Fine Artists, Czech Republic
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Written about me

Now I have to say that when I finished this Newsletter half of the page was empty. In common magazine just call one of your clients and give him space for his ad in addition, or offer room for a cheap "last minute" ad. Unfortunately, our Newsletter does not include any paid advertising (great idea how to make some money like HR, I have to think about it ... :-)) so I decided to place some information there about HR activities by Alena Vaňková in the Czech Republic and the next issue will be able to tell you more. Alena spoke to a young woman who occasionally works for us in the office as a brigade. She told her she had a wheelchair friend who was painting pictures to make some money. Alena got the idea, and now it's done. If you come to JD in Prague in March, you will see a variety of pictures on the walls. In addition, you can read on one poster something about Mrs. Vladimira Burianová (on the photo at the top right). Alena will tell you more next time, I just picked at least a few pictures so you can see them.

Newsletter of the company JohnsonDiversey (March 2009)