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Written about me

Česká republika - Paintings exposition

JD Zdeňka Zachariadisová is a very good friend of the wheelchair Vlaďka. Zdeňka turned to me with a request for help to Vlaďka. We thought we could have a monthly show in the corridors. I called it MARCH, MONTH OF THE ART and some JD colleagues helped me ...

Without financial costs, we have made one person happy and pleased with our employees. The traveler came to see herself. Some employees even bought the paintings. If you want to learn more about this woman, check out her website burianova.eu .

Something about Vlaďka:

Vladimira was born in Ash in 1961. She graduated from the Central Art School in Uherské Hradiště. After completing her studies she worked as a teacher of drawing and painting at the Folk Art School in Cheb and later left for Prague, where she worked at the Barrandov Film Studio with an animated film. Unfortunately, her health did not allow her to continue studying and continuing her career. She illustrated a textbook for the smallest children, collaborated on the magazine Bludiště, created a postcard, is the author of the website for the visually impaired, etc. He paints the same way he lives: silently, modestly, perhaps even shy, especially for himself, to fulfill his inner desire. That's why her works are not spectacular, they look attractive at first, do not go with fashion, and sometimes they even awaken mixed feelings. In all of her paintings and drawings, there is an obvious effort to find answers, to live life and desire for harmony and peace.

Some responses that staff wrote to the Guest Book of Flags:

... Vlaďka, Your pictures are a caress for my soul and colleagues ...
... beautifully it's here with your pictures coming alive ...
... thank you for the beautiful experience ... the paintings even stop those of my colleagues who never showed interest in the paintings ...

Chat with the author:

(A - Alena Vankova, V - Vlaďka)

A: How do you like the exhibition? You are used to other exhibition spaces ...

V: It's true that until now I've been used to exhibiting in a completely different environment, such as in galleries, theaters, museums ... It's a new experience for me. In this case, people do not go to the exhibition voluntarily, they just go to work. I like installation and interesting space.

A: What techniques do you use?

V: From pencils to acrylic, oil or temper colors, there are many.

A: Which one do you prefer at this time?

V: In recent years, I have been using mainly combined technology - temper, gouache and lumps ... I have to take into account the possibilities I have on the wheelchair and in my small apartment.

A: Is there an image you would never give up at any price?

V: That's more. These are pictures in which my deeper feelings, personal memories are.

A: What does painting give you?

V: Often joy, sometimes it is a necessity of personal confession.

A: Do you plan to try other types of art - sculpture, silk painting, ceramics ...?

V: I would like to try something, but given the circumstances there is not much choice. I did different things, including restoration and sculpture. I was also interested in making toys.

A: What is your biggest achievement - is your personal life or work?

V: I think my greatest success is the fact that I'm working. The fact that I have cope with my life situation and can overcome everyday problems.

A: Thank you for the interview. I would like to thank other JD staff for helping with the exhibition and look forward to other special events.

Alena Vankova, HR Coordinator CZ / SK

Newsletter of the company JohnsonDiversey (April 2009)