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Your touch
your comforting Lord is the touch of eternity
my mouth screamed with astonishment
and in the desperation of

With myself Desire

Now he packs his life
what did you give it
all beautiful
what you get
what you put in

and donate

With empty hands then do not cry
above the depth of solitude
but keep looking


Tell me God.

My hand, Father, do not let go
I'm scared
I'm wandering
when I do not see you near you

Crying sadness
when i doubt

Tony Black kids

Empty Hands to Embrace -
where do you get, you stray?
I have a heart to welcome, my hands empty.

Blank silence without children,
hours of silence -
where are the bare feet
where do they take a breath?

No silent silence
fading blossom.
Eyes wander in a strange room,
hands are waiting.



bread from heaven I get
and I repeat
I open my arms
and back up
everything you gave me
my heart is silent


weep in human weakness
that I can not give up
you gave away and it was a little
you died for me
i can not thank
my mouth is closed
blind eyes



Somewhere far, kids are dying of hunger, sickness,
they are killing.
How vulnerable are mothers tears,
cries to the deaf ears!
Are not ours?

Lighted window

Maybe somebody is coming
maybe he will never come again
maybe just left
the shadow remains in the distance
There will be someone waiting in a window open
light point in the dark
Patient Hint of Hope

Mary's anxiety

You may forgive me
wounded soul
little bird scared
wounded angel

maybe you will come again
Put my head to me
and there will be no tears

dry streak of pain
eyes stay dry
wound healed

in the dawn window